Mori (森)

Denim Dress, Sharley L.
Heels, Topshop
Clutch, Sharley L.
Silver Bracelet, & other stories

Contemporary, Modern, Minimalistic
Something different, yet similar 

It's been far too long and while I grapple with the huge project that is the Mcqueen project for my final term as a 2nd year, the lack of outfits, blog posts and anything to do with social media is starting to get to me. I'm not going to lie, it has been a struggle.

While I struggle to produce a complete look, I thought sharing this would be a good step back in social media and blogging; both of which I am trying to get back into once all the crazy datelines and amount of work clears. Also, I really did put a lot of effort into this project and the world needs to see it, at least part of it. 


It's still so far yet we create smaller ideals for these temporary desires

It's honestly been a rather busy start with 2015 and the lack of post and probably almost close to disappearance was to be honest almost inevitable. But, with the weather looking up, you can bet there will be more post to come. 

Let's just say, better late than never. 

Ps. Guess who's back on twitter? 
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