Not quite Uniformed

 It's been a month plus since I came to London. Things are looking up and I guess I've been having a rather eventful week so I'm very glad about that. So moving on from there, one of the hottest trends this fall is definitely Flannel/Check whichever you call it and I can definitely say that I've been a HUGE flannel lover for as long as I can remember. It's definitely one thing I cannot live without! I'm not only addicted to checkered shirts but honest anything really. As long as they have the right mix of colour. 

Photos by Alysia, Edits by Hatake

Shirt, Givenchy
Skirt, New Look 
Bracelets, Lovisa
Boots, Primark

I've been into the whole NANA thing recently. It's definitely not my first or last time this has happened since NANA is by far one of my favourite anime/manga/movies because of their fashion. It was also the first movie that got me hooked onto punk/rock/goth fashion I have to say. So I've kind of been going back to this style recently though slightly less severe than before. Maybe cause I've outgrown it or maybe cause I just like a mix of other styles... We'll never know. 

I also met up with my friend Alysia the other day for dinner and we were heading to Leicester Square for burgers but kind of got distracted by Thai food. Though after that we had a good walk and found this place which was around Soho. I haven't been to Soho so it was definitely a first. We found a street that looked nice and kinda just decided to shoot there. It was her first time using a DSLR and that was pretty amazing. 

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