Sending my Allegiance

Xmen Sweatshirt, Forever 21 
Cropped Jeans, Zara
Cap, Thrifted
Vanity Case, Zara 
Skull Bracelets, Self-made
Leather Bracelet, Mango 

All in the name of fun. 

How long has it been? So, the final semester has flown by and submissions are over, yet the amount of stress coming from the reality of it all is still building up with housing and being homeless and all. I guess you can never avoid the inevitable. Though as the time draws closer, I'll soon be back in warm, humid, sunny Singapore and I wonder how much I'm going to miss London's fickle but slightly better weather. 

There are other things in life I would rather much be worrying about right now. But to a certain point, I'm glad I've got to put aside a moment just to put up another post as it's been something I miss doing during submission month. The hectic schedules have definitely given me a run for and it's moments like this when I'm editting photos and coming up with more other ideas for my blog that it feels like there are other things in life besides school. 

On a side note, I'll be starting Collage week tomorrow, Thursday; a weird day to start something. A small project I came across from one of my friends. Where basically, I'll be uploading a collage everyday of the week for a week here and on instagram and pen down the ideas and thoughts about it. So do keep a watch for that. 

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