Come Back Home

Denim Coat, Sharley L.
Crop Top, Forever 21
Cardigan, Forever 21 Mens
Grid Trousers, Cutomized

Collage week has sort of lead up to this honestly. Attempted denim which was surprisingly easier than I thought. There definitely was a little fine tuning needed here and there but I guess with what I had and how good I am so far, its definitely something to be proud of. Yet, looking back and seeing everyone's work, I can't help but wonder if simplicity was the way to go. Was it worth it? Why didn't I try to do more or if I did and didn't produce a good enough quality, would I be proud then? So many things have echoed yet all I can say is, well, that's an added denim coat to my closet. 

Anyway, being back in Singapore has been a rather slow and enjoyable few days so far. The time here strangely goes by rather slowly which feels weird and something I should be happy about yet I can't help but feel sluggish about the speed of it at times.

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