Ring Light Wonders

T Shirt, Givenchy. 

First of, Happy CNY ... (eve) yeah eve... lol

So, after a wonderful reunion dinner with the family and sick me, I decided to just try using the ringlight to take photos... first time and well its really heavy when I attach it to the cam so majority of the pics are just blurry and well... yea...

Another reason why I wanted to try it out was cause I was trying on a new look but well with th expression honestly its hard to tell... I actually found this pink eyelinere that was smushed somewhere and just had an inspiration for it and well... there was actually purple shadow the lid crease but I guess again its hard to tell... went for bold eyes and brows this time... thought they'd work well together... I'm not one who likes strong brows but I think this really works well together.

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