Going red

After the drastic hair change and going natural (in hair colour), I decided that in 2013, I needed another hair change and so, with the new Manic Panic in stores, what better way to do something since it is way cheaper than going to a salon.

Although the colour is really nice in white light, the sun and just bright light in general, the colour is actually really dark red and less to not obvious at all... so am kinda sad about that but nonetheless, I sat around the house for a good 2hrs plus in a towel and just avoiding everything since I was so afraid of getting red dye over anything. In the end, I've got a bit of red on my skin but no big... other than that, wash it off was such a hassle since it just kept running but well, now that I know how it looks with unbleached hair, I'm actually thinking of bleaching or at least lightening it before i colour it again which is maybe in about 3 to 4 weeks time... ofcourse I'll need to get another bottle since I only have half a bottle left and touching up would require another bottle... other than that, I'm also thinking of a more orange tone, dark purple and electric blue though I think red is still my priority...

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