Week 8 really?!!!

Week 8 of school is over and we're heading towards week 9 now.... and so far every weekend has been rather uneventful since I'm either running errands or at home doing school work and watching anime.... I can't really say I'm happy about having weekends like this but well it sure beats having an awesome one and then regretting because of the huge backlog of things to do right?

The weekends going by really quickly as well.... so it's kind of worrying since work seems to pile up and well... I just can't wait to graduate and get things over with to just look forward to going to the UK.... all the things I want to do after graduation.... oh gosh.... I wish it'll just end now....

Anyway... I've been watching Kitaro and now Bleach to pass time while waiting for McDelivery which just arrived lol~

I guess after this it's back to work... =A=

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