Graduation show

After much dallying and effort and mayhem... Psychological Being is finally up and it's no thanks to my indecisiveness that kept pushing the release date further and further.... 

All you guys must be wondering... so what's different? Unlike my previous blog which was full of personal, terribly boring things I've revamped the site and re-named it and now... this shall be my official personal style site. There will be tons of makeup reviews, maybe videos? Behind the scenes fashion (if I'm lucky enough) and of course my current inspirations, muses, trends and life as a fashion student! 

Well... In other news, I'VE GRADUATED! or at least held the runway show :D Above is a pic of the photo board and those are my groups outfits.... I cannot express how happy I was to see well I didn't get to see but to have my designs on the runway...

Of course... how can I forget the lovely models... the comp cards and our brand "TEAL". 
We shared our models with "AVENUE", the last brand to go and did I mention that we were lucky number 3? 

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