Invading USS

So, recently me and a couple of friends decided to invade USS. It's been awhile and since everyone's leaving to Australia while I'm flying to the UK, we thought it'd be nice to just spend an awesome day together. Of course, particularly cause we never been to USS together. And since we did, I thought it'd be nice to take pics and a whole lot of shenanigans that happens.... like how easily we were all distracted by pretty ladies singing and dancing and the number of hats that I decided to try.  

And the day wouldn't be complete without a few ... ok, just 2 touristy pictures. Sadly we didn't take one as a group. Honestly, I wished we did but nonetheless, it was a fun and wacky day.

Before the video, here's another touristy photo, of me, my shopping and a rather sad looking big bird which by the way, I ran unstably to have a photo with. I've put the breakdown of what I wore after the video. So yeah... here's the video.... hope you guys like it. 

Tank: H&M Divided
Check Shirt: Dorothy Perkins
Shorts: New Look
Belt: Topshop
Creepers: New Look 

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