Another Hair Fiesta?

Hey guys, so the decision to grow my hair seem to be getting postponed more and more as I want a quiff and then there's Amber's sexy hair in their new comeback... only time will tell... 

Anyway, I was a hair model for Toni and Guy the past few days so, the above pic was after the cut while below was after bleaching it twice since my amazing red manic panic dye which btw I still have and plan to finish up before leaving didn't want to come out so I had this really like pink in it. 

With just this it was sooooo hard to spend 2days with the light bleached yellow-pink hair and just as I had gotten used to it and actually grew to like, the day came. And from such a daring blonde/pink it just became this. 

If you guys follow my twitter, you'll know how I felt through out the experience and how I was busy staring at this guy who looked like Mizushima Hiro. But yea, it became PURPLE and BLUE :D which I love but not this style... since it was for the class, they had to do it fancy and wild? Basically a ton of hairspray, mousse, wax and sea salt hairspray was put into my hair to achieve this. And if many of you don't already know, I absolutely use close to no hair products for styling with the occasional sea salt hairspray cause I just can't stand the feeling of it.... I'm not particularly a fan of having so much styling products in my hair. So, I'm sorry but after taking pics, I just HAD to head home and wash it TwT and with blue and purple being SUCH an easy colour to wash out. All I'm left with are memories of the very prominent blue and purple hair :( BUT I definitely couldn't wash it immedietely... so here's a nice pic to remember the pretty colours by... leave me a comment or tweet and let me know what you guys think..

Knit Shirt: HnM Basics

It was soooo pretty. And no I did not edit the colour of my hair. It was just sooo pretty. If you guys are wondering though, now its ashy and greyish blue and purple? there are a few prominent blues but not purple and the pink from before is showing again... am probably going to dye it once the colour fades completely since it still doesn't look that bad. Also, they parted my hair the opposite side rather than my usual parting since the colours would be more awesome and prominent but I've gladly reverted back to my old parting. 

The whole experience was fun really and well scary at the same time since to me, my fringe and my hair is PART of who I am so I absolutely hate it if something doesn't turn out right. But surprisingly everything did so I'm so glad. I also realise that I do enjoy constantly changing hair colours. I might consider doing this more often keke.... 

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