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Hey guys! It's been so hectic the past few weeks trying to get the right documents and rushing the people, not to mention packing. It's definitely set me back a bit in terms of what I plan to do but none the less I'm set to leave on Friday so we gotta get things done. And of course, since I knew that last Saturday was going to be the last day me and my sis get to go out together, we decided to head down to Windowsill Pies. After hearing so much about it, I was definitely excited and thought it would be a good place to go. 

When we first got there the first thing that caught my eye was their delicious pies all carefully displayed and with the help of their friendly staff, they gave us an introductory to their store and of course, pies. As we walked further in, I saw this cute display which was super cute and it definitely added to the atmosphere which felt very Japanese Mori-girl-esque.

While waiting in anticipation, we realized how cozy it was as well and before we knew it, the pies came. We ordered 4 pies *greedy* 

The s'mores pie was one that I wanted to try even before I got here and it definitely was good. My sis went for the Funny Apple which was to us, the best out of the four while I felt the Strawberry Lemon was a bit too strong for me, she loved it. Morello Cherry was tart and delicious.

Windowsill Pies serve all their pies cold so if you do want a warm one, feel free to ask one of their staff. Nonetheless, their pies did not disappoint and to top it off, we ordered Chai Lattes which weren't  overly sweet. This made the meal not only enjoyable but very pleasant as it wasn't overly sweet and felt just right. 

While paying we saw these really cute temporary tattoos of their pies and thought it was cute.We spent close to $50 there and I'd say it was worth it for a first time. 

Crop top, Topshop. Maxi Skirt, Brandy Melville. Shoes, Converse. Tote, Religion. 

And of course, I couldn't leave without snapping a pic. I'm currently obsessed with the crop top maxi skirt combo yet it's been a very long time since i wore that skirt. I'm falling in love with maxi dresses and skirts all over again and I don't even know why!!! 

For more information you guys can check out the link below 


simply head down to their store at this address

Windowsill Pies‎
78 Horne Rd
Singapore 209078

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