Band the Occult

Dress, New Look
Coat, All Saints
Tote, Primark 

On a Friday, we sing praises as it is the last day of a long week. Yet we drag ourselves to work, counting down the hours before we realize it will start all over in under 2 days. 

I've gotten great news over the first few days of 2014 which has made me anticipate wonderful things for me. To wake up to news that I have won an instagram contest first of all may be a small thing but to me, it was a sign of a good day since I never win anything. On top of that, the legal documents came in for my Paris trip and now all but the schedule is set!

In all honesty, I think I'm just trying to be optimistic and make plans that I want to follow through this year. Besides that, I'm already planning my trip back to Singapore and Aussie for the summer! I feel right now that nothing can stop me... well except money but if I'm going to worry about that, then I'll never be happy. 

Since the weather has started picking up and seemingly getting a lot nicer, I decided to ditch the heavy coats for the past few days. Wore my leather jacket with my All Saints coat. Also, this dress I picked up from New Look was one during my dress hunt last year. It was definitely one of those days where you set out to conquer. 

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Hadrien Leite said...

Awesome pics!! Super cool outfit
your blog it's really awesome