We Sing, We Dance

Shirt, Lazy Oaf
Jacket, Vintage
Pants, Zara 
Hat, Topshop
Ring, & Other Stories
Shoes, Dr Martens

Photos by: _teenagemerma1d

How long has it been since the school holidays ended? It feels like yesterday that my mum and sis arrived in London for their holiday. Now, as the first week of school has started, it oddly feels weird having to go back to school and doing things without them. Well, welcome 2014! 

So, I got my first piece of Lazy Oaf merchandise. A shirt that I've been eyeing for ages and when it was finally in my hands, an outfit post was imminent. IT was one of those days when I clearly wasn't thinking as I dressed myself and left the house with brown pants and purple shoes. Though, it does seem like a good combination. I've always steered clear from browns and such neutral colours but I thought it'd do be good to venture out of my usual colour palette. Ofcourse in all honesty, I think a huge change would be me wearing crisp cuts and white, don't you think? 

The ring is a new addition to my collection, me and my mum now have the same ring only in a different colour and I now seem to find myself reaching for it as I leave the house. Maybe it could be me just missing her already. 

Also, what I like to call, my pink smurf hat was something I had but never really wore and thought it'd be fun to. It's funny how I never smile in my pics and well thanks to my sis who takes wonderful photos by the way, captured a really unexpectedly different side this time. What do you think? 

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