Cause I'm

Net Crop, Topshop
Floral Shorts, Editor's Market
Sunglasses, Topshop

In a flash, those early days of excitement and impressions are gone. 
I emerge stronger, tougher, wiser. 
More refine like the diamond that I am. 

It's been a good week or 2 and all I can say is how quickly time flies. Soon, I'll be back in London again full of anticipation yet I'm gonna miss well, all the good things. Do I start a countdown or do I wait and pray each day goes by slowly. Conflicted. 

Yet I'm back and ready more than ever as there's only so much you can do and expect that there's no point insisting on what can never be. 

By the way, I'm so in love with these platform shoes that nobody else can convince me otherwise. 

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