Young Minds

Boxy Striped Shirt, Editor's Market
Vanity Case, Zara
Creepers, T.U.K

With 'Empty' playing throughout the office, 
I take myself back to my younger days and wonder 
what happened and where the time had gone. 

It's definitely been awhile... A lot of 'grown up' things have been happening recently, like moving into a new flat, more bills, tax exemptions, general school stuff and not just cleaning but handling faults in my new flat now that I'm back in London. It's times like this where I miss not having to handle so many things in life. 

 Unfortunately life hasn't been kind and the lack of wifi and good phone signal only allows very limited things for me to do. Of course, with the occasional trips to Costa has allowed for me to get things moving along, though slowly. So please be patient for a while more. 

School hasn't been so kind either since it feels and seems like they've blocked me from ever receiving any proper information and even using their school wifi. This may seem like my paranoia but I do have some thought that it could be due to many factors which I shall not mention.

On a lighter note, if you follow me on instagram, you'll probably have seen a small section of my new room; one that I'm rather proud of honestly. It definitely took a whole lot of planning to get it done but moving into a new place is a whole lot of work that some times I regret not coming back early. 

Nonetheless, progress is progress is it not? 

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