Red X Black Nothing

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[ Zara Red Blazer, Zara Dipped Hem Black Dress, Topshop Black Wedge Boots, H&M Neon Pink Clutch, H&M Pastel Pink Earrings, Laquar Leather Bracelet]

Went to the Fullerton Hotel Singapore for a wedding dinner. Was rather skeptical about what to wear since I've never been there before. So I decided to dress up a bit. Decided to throw on a red blazer over the shoulders in the end since it would be quite chilly in the ballroom. 

Am really in love with this H&M neon pink clutch lately. Have been searching for a transparent/translucent on and was so glad I found it at H&M. Wished there were more colours though. Am currently looking for a full transparent on and a black one though Neon Green or Yellow would be awesome don't you think?

Of course, with red as the main colour, I used red for my eyes too. Here's tonight's look.  Very minimal blusher and a very light pinkish red for the lips since I wanted the eyes to stand out.

On a side note, the blue and purple ends of my hair are slowly and surely fading. I currently love how the purple faded to this nice purplish grey though am planning to go short soon. Or maybe a different colour?

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