School update

Been researching quite a bit about New Romantics lately since its the theme chosen for my Final Year Project (FYP) a lot interesting things do pop up here and there definitely though as Week 2 ends and the work load has increased two-folds, I don't really have much time to do any of them since even the awesome weekends are taken away by a Visual Merchandising workshop I have to attend.II do regret joining and yet feel that if I don't then I would miss out. The workshop starts from 9am to 6pm a whole day!! And what's more depressing is that it is a 3 day workshop. So yes, it means, Saturday, Sunday and Monday will be gone. I really hate such scheduling. No time off and not much sleep. Honestly I'm pretty worried about my work now.


  1. 25 full outfit sketches 
  2. Macro and Micro research <- basically just global and local technology research 
  3. Cover Letter to a company/brand I wish to work with (still haven't decided)
  4. A format layout of the improved website (E-Commerce)

sounds easy? but there is really no time to even complete them. Since weekends are booked and so is Monday while Tuesday after school there is a group meeting I have to attend. I'm honestly starting to question whether I can get everything done on time... Let's hope I do so and still with enough time to sleep and relax since I know that without both I'll definitely go crazy and be late for school. 

Wish me luck! 

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