Hair change and Brick Exhibition

Shirt, Zara Basics. Bow Tie, Topman. 

So I left the house today looking like this... all dapper-ed up LOL 
Tried wearing a bow tie for once... not my thing... LOL but the bow tie was cute... Anyway .. went to the Brick Exhibition which was awesome.... the whole lego thing was totally cool... and then went on to cut my hair... which started out as just a trim... but well last night yours truly decided to get it cut in a much different way... and was rather hesitant about it till recently since after all I was getting rather sick of this style... and so ... I did it... was rather adamant about how it'll turn out but it turned out great though it seems like I'll be needing wax to unflatten it... Below is the result... 

And BAM in an instant... I had one side cut way shorter ... gosh... I love it ... though its REALLY and I mean REALLY short ..... 

On a lighter note, I'll be going on a cruise tomorrow and well will be back on the 26th for well a few hours then off again on the 27th (the next day) to Bangkok... till the 31st so till then ... everyone have a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and well a good 10 days ^^ 

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